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2 options you have when searching for a new job

The transition from the military to the civil sector is certainly a stressful period and can seem as if all the skills and knowledge you acquired are no longer applicable, but the truth is the exact opposite. Because such skills and experience are acquired in specific situations and conditions, they are rare and therefore wanted. Moving from the military to the civil sector does not have to be stressful, it can be a pleasant way full of new experiences and excitement. You’re probably wondering what options are possible for you when looking for a new and different job? What are the ways in which you can reach new positions and career?

Perhaps you have developed very important and useful skills such as teamwork, discipline, good thinking in critical situations, but also leadership and adaptability to new situational frameworks and people of different characters.

It is quite normal that in this transition from military to civilian employment, you look for ways of getting a higher education, training, and certificates related to a field in which you already have some knowledge. The army even supports these kinds of ventures, and it is best to ask them more about the ways in which they can financially help if you decide to improve your education and go back to school.

What you need to pay attention to

It is very important that you well and thoroughly explore all the opportunities and companies in which you could seek employment. Primarily, focus on whether such firms have special programs that employ veterans, and whether there are some professions that you are interested in, and that ask for for a security clearance. Your biography should highlight all the qualities that people of your experience have. It sets you apart from other candidates that don’t have a military background.

Be your own boss

Have you considered the option to start your own business and be your own boss? Or to partner up with some who you trust and who have enough resources (financial or educational) to help you in this? You have already acquired through the military all the skills and knowledge you need to start your business – personal motivation, integrity, leadership, competitive spirit, vision, and tenacity are just some of them. There are many organizations and administrations whose job is to help veterans find resources for starting their own business.

Resources veterans should use in finding a job


Depending on your education that you acquired in the army, as well as from your experience, there are really many skills that are of a great range, which you can use in the search for a job that will suit you most and pay the most. Any work history that you may have before going to the army can be of a use too. In the military, you gained knowledge and skills that are important in finding a good civilian job.

During the military service, most of you were in difficult situations who taught you specific experiences and skills, and perhaps you were in situations where you learned and used a variety of technologies. Some of the soldiers had the opportunity to become experts in certain fields, such as law, administration, finance, technology, marketing or communication.

How to start searching

First and foremost is to find a good program through which you will very easily succeed in translating your military occupation into the civilian you need now. This translation serves to make the skills you gained in the military best translated into those that are necessary for civilian professions. There are indeed a large number of organizations that can help you in this step, but there are also a large number of companies that in their structure have the sector that is in charge of recruiting solely military veterans. Both of them, such said companies and organizations can help you translate your military biography into civilian and thus see which jobs best suits your knowledge, experience, but also your desires and needs.

But, as well as for anyone in the labor market who is looking for the next job, this can be a period that will require time, skill and energy. Finding a new job is generally complicated and requires a lot of effort no matter what your previous occupation and experience are. So be prepared to invest a lot of time and energy into it. It is important to actively search and not passively wait for callbacks from companies to which you sent online applications. Do not think that if you need more time to find a job, it means that your skills are not needed or that they are not good enough. Most people look for a job for months, regardless of their professional expertise. This is the process.